MoP - Sept. 25th
by Wismac on Wednesday July, 25 2012 11:07 pm

The release date has been announced.

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Manicure successful! Cataclysm averted!
by slizix on Monday March, 19 2012 3:40 am

Utilizing their massive repertoire of nail clipping skills, Resurrected finally completed the perfect manicure on Sunday, March 18 2012. Deathwing, finally having been satisfied with the work of the mortal races (except for those pesky gnomes, he hates getting those stuck under his nails, and between his toes) retreated to the twisting nether, or wherever it is he lives. with his departure, all the minions of the old gods have found no reason to continue harassing Wyrmrest temple, and have also gone home. all that is left for resurrected to do is to sit back in our comfy picnic chairs and wait for the fluffy pandas to bring us pokemon.

- Good job everybody on working so diligently to get us through this expansion. we could not have made it here if not for the dedication shown by all of you. i hope you all stay with us long enough to slaughter some plump panda posterior. or wait... are we working with the pandas?? DAMMIT TRAKK!!!

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Exfoliation accomplished! Deathwing requests manicure!
by slizix on Friday February, 10 2012 7:34 am

with the deftness of a loofah master, resurrected scrubbed Deathwing's back to perfection on thursday, completing the "spine of Deathwing" event. Deathwing was so impressed by our remarkable job, he hired our expert team of raiders to give him the worlds best manicure / pedicure in the "madness of Deathwing" event. rewards include epic lootz, achievements, and titles. so grab your nail clippers and files. we have some dragon nails to clip! but beware, if deathwing ends up with a single hangnail or torn cuticle, he will explode with a roar of agony so fierce the whole of azeroth will cease to exist! there can be no mistakes!

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